The name within itself sounds kind of futuristic and robotic.  You can rest assured that I am anything but that!  In today’s world, where most consumers shop online, communicate via texts and instant messages and pass documents back and forth in a completely paperless way, it makes sense to have someone to facilitate all of this virtualness!

If you have wondered how exactly does a virtual assistant work, let me try to make it a bit clearer for you.  You have a secretary in your office (or you have at least heard of someone with one).  This person answers incoming calls, helps with appointment setting, types various documents for you and takes care of all of the administration duties within your company.  In doing so, they free you to do what it is that you do best.

The ONLY things that I can’t do as your virtual assistant are physically touch the papers and files, or get you your coffee.  As an assistant though, I can help you with mail campaigns, social media advertising and the oversight of certain projects and many other aspects.  Let me do what I do, so that you can focus on what YOU do!

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